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Voici le résumé du webinaire du 03/05/2013.
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Chris Smith Speaking:

Good day, this is Chris Smith for BB, Friday, May 3rd.
Please excuse my voice, as I am a little under the weather.

Happy to be here. Let's go over the updates. Let's talk about the second
annual convention in Niagara Falls. Due to the current situation and current
challenges, I felt it was irresponsible for us as a company to have such an
extravagant event. We have cancelled the actual event (???), but we don't
want to be seen as spending this much money on the event while we have
these payout challenges.
We will have a scaled back event, a BB Tour on Sunday.

The refunds for the Gala dinner will be sent out. The price for the Sunday
Gala is now $100. Since this is a BB World tour, we will be able to do that
via the eWallet. This is just for Sunday. Maximum capacity is 350 persons,
so please if you are still coming or are planning on coming, please secure
your seat. These tickets will go on sale on Monday.

Traffic Pack announcement - We announced a rule a couple months ago,
the 3:1 rule. After dealing with gov't agencies and legal advice, we do not
want to have anything that could be viewed as passive income. We have
listened to the feedback and have looked at other ways to accomplish the
same goal. So the final decision is that rule will not be in place.
That rule is cancelled.

What we will do is to provide external traffic to a website of your choosing.
How that works for external, you can either buy TP subscriptions for internal
(to qualify panels) or external for any website of your choice. We will send
traffic to those external websites. A new way for incentive traffic, people will
go to these websites and can earn incentive traffic.

To make sure we are using other methods, we decided to restructure the bonus
that comes with TP's. We were giving you 50K bonus. We have now removed
that bonus, and replace with 5,000 (standard), 10,000 (premium) and 15,000

Standard will get 55,000, premium will get 60,000 and executive will get 65,000.
Cancellation rules and penalties are still in effect, but we will allow a maximum
of 2 TP's with no penalty. There will be 2 buttons to choose from. This will not
affect your membership type. Your membership cannot be reverted down,
only up.

TP subscriptions - if you bought a TP when you were already in the negative,
we were still paying a commission to your inviter. That has stopped as of 2
days ago. If you are in the negative no commission will be received by your
inviter. In order to make that commission, your referral has to have a positive
balance at the time of generating the commission. If your referral is in the
negative, that commission is lost.

With all of the changes over the months, we are now prepared to label all
these changes as Version 2.9.3. We will have a list of all these items for your
information so that all understand all the updates.

Exciting news is that with 2.9.3 we will be releasing a new membership type.
Fast Start Membership - this means you are able to click on a button for a
package (if you are brand new) if you want to get started right away, we will
allow you to buy a package to get started without any money in your account
- you have 30 days to fund your account. You are not able to transfer and no
commissions are generated, but as soon as you fund your account, you will
havce a full blown account with all benefits. We feel this will benefit everyone
to get started with BB fast - and your panels will start earning.

We are very excited about this, and we think sales will be favorable as a result.
For example, you bring a new person to an information session and they want
to begin, then can not start right away. This is coming shortly.

New category in the choice network - online gaming. We are opening up new
ways to earn revenue through the gaming industry. As a promoter of these
sites, you can also earn.

I mentioned that the first week of may we would be doing a partial for STP.
Money has landed and we are now prepared to do another payout over this
weekend. Payza is going to be a little longer. We are still waiting on the
money transfer for Payza.


Regarding STP - partial or full? We are doing a combination of partial and
full based on the time of when the withdrawal request happened. Remember
when people had to cancel their BB card, we decided to put them back into
the queue, so now we are doing payouts based on date range to accommodate
more people.
(sorry did not get all this exactly while he was speaking, may need clarifying)

New payout solution: As I mentioned last week -- some think I'm too far
removed from people and do not understand the pain and comments of the
members, but I do understand completely. We are definitely moving along to
get something in place quickly. I cannot name any companies at this point in
time, but we have selected a new solution. We are working hard to get it in
place as quickly as possible. For now we continue with STP and Payza to
make sure everyone is taken care of.

Alot of good comments in the question area. Thank you for all who are being
supportive and who have been with us from the beginning.

Can I get a refund for my VIP tickets? yes we are doing refunds.

Policy and Procedures - there is an update on the website to make it easier
to understand - please view those.

Thank you for your comments, both positive and "abrupt" -- I do read them
all and I understand your frustration. All I can say is we are here, and we
have a solid team in place and will make future announcements in time.

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